Counseling Services

Diabetes can be overwhelming at times. It requires that you and your child think constantly about food, activity, school schedules, and how these factors affect blood glucose levels and insulin doses. And all this is on top of a child’s usual worries about making friends, fitting in, and excelling in school and sports.

We have specialists here to help your family and your child cope with the personal side of diabetes. We will coordinate our care with the rest of your child’s diabetes healthcare team.

Emotional Issues Related to Diabetes

Emotional health is critical to staying on the pathway to health. We can help your family and child with a variety of issues that commonly affect someone with diabetes:

  • Adjustment to the diagnosis.
  • Resistance or concerns about sticking with the diabetes care plan.
  • Eating problems (girls and young women with diabetes are particularly prone to eating disorders).
  • Burn-out.
  • Depression, anxiety.
  • Family adjustment.
  • School difficulties or behavior problems.
  • Parenting issues.

We also sponsor discussion boards for teens and for the parents of teens with diabetes, which are moderated by healthcare professionals. They provide an opportunity to learn more about diabetes, find support, and discover new ways to handle the many difficult challenges.